IMG_20150602_184740003I believe in surrounding yourself with meaning.  I love to “repurpose” items that hold memories for people or “upcycling” a “new” old piece that will bring future treasured moments in your everyday lives.

I will help you shop for that specific Piece de Resistance!  I can accompany you through this process or I can search for it while you enjoy precious time with your family!  These special items will help place a smile on your face every day!

Check out our magnificent glass flowers, in the portfolio, for beautifying the exterior of your home!  All of the pieces are one of a kind and we try to put at least 1 vintage piece of glassware in each flower.

You can also view many different types  of the repurposing/upcycling projects, too!  I design and re-imagine each piece.  Don’t have an imagination or visualization, but love all of the custom pieces that you encounter?  I can visualize the beauty of what can become and carry out the completed project for you to enjoy in your own home!